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If your questions isn't answered below, please include a screen shot of the issue you are experiencing, the page you are viewing, and the browser you are using in your email to

  1. How do I purchase the videos? 

    • Click BUY VIDEOS page from the menu

    • Log into our site or create an account. 

    • Click the "Purchase" button. 

    • Select the video package you wish to purchase

    • Then go thru the payment purchase screen to complete your order

  2. I’ve purchased a video from the store, but I don’t know how to view the video.

    • Log into our site first. If you don't have a login then you can sign up to become a member.

    • Next click the “BUY VIDEOS” link from the menu. You will see all the videos that are available.

    • Find the purchased video you want to view.

    • Click the pic or the "View" button.

  3. How do I log into the site?

    • Click “Home” on the menu. On the right side of the screen just below the menu is the login button.

    • Click "BUY VIDEOS" on the menu. You will see the login button next to the "Instructional Videos" title.

  4. When I click the video to start playing, a new tab is opened?

    • Your browser may be causing issues. This is a list of our recommended browsers depending on which type of device you are using. Please ensure you are using the latest version.

      • Desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Edge​

      • Android: Chrome, Edge, Samsung Internet

      • IOS: Chrome, Safari

  5. I'm using the recommended browser, but I still can't view the video.

    • Go into your browser settings.

    • Ensure that cookies are enabled.

    • Ensure that cross-website tracking is enabled.

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