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Raffle Alert!

📣 Raffle Alert! 🎟️🥊

Hey everyone! 🌟

We’re excited to announce a special raffle where you have the chance to win $1200 💵and 2 months of boxing classes at our gym! 🥊👊

All you need to do is purchase a raffle ticket for just $10. 🎫 Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting the youth in my gym, helping them attend national tournaments and chase their dreams! 🌟🏆

Your support means the world to us and makes a real difference in our community. Plus, it’s a great way to give back while potentially winning some awesome prizes!

I strive to provide you with valuable boxing lessons at no cost, and now I’m asking for your support in return. Please consider buying a ticket and joining us in this amazing cause. 🙏❤️

Let’s keep the punches rolling and the dreams alive! 🥊💪

Thank you for being such an incredible part of our boxing family! 🥰

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