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Why You Must Know This Boxing Defense Style. Pros to the Philly Shell.

Why You Must Know This Boxing Defense Style. Pros to the Philly Shell. Tom Yankello of the @World Class Boxing Channel on YouTube presents a few of the pros and pluses to the Philly Shell. Tom explains why you must know this boxing defense. There are very good technical reasons of why you want the Philly Shell to be a part of your game. You don't necessarily need to not know other dimensions, but you should be able to learn multiple defenses. For this video, Tom wants to talk about openings and distances with the Philly Shell defense. The angle you get when you are in a philly shell defense allows you to be half a man, which makes you half the size of the target. Tom explains why you can't keep your hands up when in the philly shell defense. Hands up are when you are in a more squared off position. Tom shows you the correct hand positioning for when you are standing in the philly shell defense position. This defense allows you to have a further distance from your opponent making you harder to get hit. When you are squared off you are much closer to your opponent who can more easily hit you. When you take that angle in the philly shell defense it makes it much harder for your opponent to hit you. Another thing people don't understand when you keep your hands up as your only defense, you are in real trouble. When you have your hands up, Tom shows you all the openings you have for people to easily hit you. Tom walks your through on how the defense protects you from several punches. Most great fighters have this defense in their arsenal. It doesn't have to be your only defense, but it is most definitely a defense style you should know how to utilize.

0:00 Introduction

1:00 Pieces of the Shell

2:00 Advantage of the Shell Position

3:00 Understanding Distance

4:45 Hands Up! Exploiting the Myth.

6:30 Gotcha Covered


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